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Taps of Eradine

Monster Tapping Clicker Fun Times

About Taps of Eradine

Taps of Eradine finally reaches Version 1 in this unique and exciting clicker/idler style game! Form a party of helpers to help face the every-coming waves of minions to face by either using Cosmo, your trusty protagonist, or allow your team to do all the hard work.

Tied into the game is a wave of seven elements that enemies come from, and having the right party members to face them in your team will do the ultimate elemental damage attack against each type too.

Levelling up your party is equally as important if you want to beat all the different kinds of foe, some more tricky than others!

Evolve your team members from chibi right through to their third form, in all their glory, for added damage bonus whilst battling.

Cosmo can unlock Super Moves that will help him do his party in the battle which range from devastating single blows to a frenzy of fire attacks that continue long after you hit the special move button!

The All New Super Helper slots are also a key part of you ever expanding team, with the ability to have 6 active party members by your side that all have their own attack time bar! Tapping on these important team mates will reveal a menu of available moves that are performed when their timer bar is full, some elemental, others are not. Picking the right move at the right time can really help you defeat the Super Bosses!

Where can I download Taps of Eradine?

Taps of Eradine is available on both Google Play and Amazon Appstores for Android and coming soon to WebGL, PC and iOS.